Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Some Thoughts On Senator Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz is undeniably a charismatic and gifted campaigner. But who's side is he really on? To whom is he married? What has he done politically and for whom has be worked?

Ted worked on the Bush 2000 campaign, was a key legal adviser for Bush in the Florida recount, recruiting John Roberts (later appointed Chief Justice) to the legal team, and then received a spoils role in his White House. While this indicates a close connection to the "establishment", it was his Senate record that confirmed to me he is truly an agent for the globalist agenda.

Voting records are very slippery things. Bills are created and tagged as pro-life or pro-gun so that members can vote the right way to get high marks on a particular scorecard. But often such bills have no meaningful effect on anything or can even have a detrimental effect. The meaningful votes are often the procedural votes that set up the highly publicized and reported votes or amendment votes that gut good bills. Unless one digs deeply into the congressional record, these finer points can go unnoticed.

For example, in Texas the bill that made it legal to murder unborn babies (SB319) was highly touted as a "pro-life" bill, so much so that some pro-life organizations gave a vote in favor of making it legal to murder unborn babies double credit on their scorecards. The law was passed by a supposedly pro-life, republican controlled legislature and signed by a pro-life Republican governor. Unless you actually read the bill, you would think all those dutiful pro-life members were doing the duty they were elected to do and fighting for life. Sadly it was just the opposite. Prior to the bill it was illegal to murder unborn babies in Texas. After the bill, Sec 19.006 was added to the murder statute to allow mothers and doctors to murder unborn individuals.

Cruz's record in the Senate is composed of similar tactics. Along with 30 other senators, he co-sponsored Senator Rand Paul’s bill to audit the Federal Reserve, dubbed the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2015. Ron Paul had been introducing similar legislation into the house for a number of years. It recently started passing. However, it wasn’t until Rand got to the Senate and the Republicans took back control of the Senate that it stood a chance of passing there as well. Cruz said all the right things about auditing the Fed. For example, at a recent debate he said, “I’ve got deep concerns about the Federal Reserve. The first thing that I think we need to do is audit the Fed and I am an original co-sponsor of Congressman Ron Paul’s (R-TX), “Audit the Fed” legislation.” (video here.)

Not surprisingly, the Democrats blocked the bill and thus a 60% majority vote was needed to advance the legislation. But on the day of the vote, Cruz was absent. Yes, it is true he was busy campaigning. But Rubio (another co-sponsor) voted, and Rand voted. Both of those men were also campaigning for president but were still able to get back for this very important vote. Senator Cruz was conveniently absent for the most important vote he could make to dismantle the new world order and make good on his anti-establishment rhetoric.

He played the same sort of game with the secret TPP free trade bill. He was for it until a few days before the scheduled vote when it had enough votes to pass comfortably, then he switched and was against it. That way he could say he voted against it, while he had been promoting it all along. This is the way the game is played. Unless one is paying close attention, it is easy to miss these troubling details. People typically allow a politician a couple of deviations from their “promised” position without removing their support. But when those few votes turn out to be key legislative cornerstones for the new world order, one has to wonder.

Now what about Heidi Cruz? Her resume includes the following:

  • Member, Council on Foreign Relations – if you’re not familiar with this organization, a good place to start is Shadows of Power by James Pearloff.
  • Investment banker for J.P. Morgan in New York City. (JP Morgan was represented at Jeckyll Island.)
  • 2000 - Worked on the George W. Bush presidential campaign.
  • 2001 - Served in the Bush administration under Condoleezza Rice as Economic Director for the Western Hemisphere at the National Security Council, as the Director of the Latin America Office at the U.S. Treasury Department, and as Special Assistant to Ambassador Robert B. Zoellick, U.S. Trade Representative.
  • 2004 – Member of the CFR-sponsored Independent Task Force on the Future of North America whose main output was a report titled, Building a North American Community. (see for more information
  • On leave of absence as the managing partner of Goldman, Sachs & Co. Houston office for Ted’s campaign. Goldman Sachs is a primary dealer with the US Fed– one of only about 20 dealers.

She’s about as tied to the establishment as one could possibly be.

So what do we make of these facts? Who is working for the new world order (i.e. one world government and dissolution of US) and who's not is much like asking who's a Christian and who's not. No Christian acts as a Christian should in every circumstance. But just because no Christian is without sin doesn't make it impossible to discern who is for the Lord and who is not. All those not for Christ are against him. Conversely, there are many people against Christ who at times can be very gracious and giving people.

In an analogous way, many agents for the new world order can say and do good things at times. Unlike the Christian faith, the god of the new world order faith is neither sovereign nor omnipotent and there are no promises or assurance regarding their children. Converts are wooed gradually through the influence of mentors and the environment. Antony Sutton, the Hoover Institute scholar, has written a very helpful book using numerous historical examples illustrating this process of association and influence in recruiting the next generation (America's Secret Establishment, see "Chain of Influence" starting on p41). Servando Gonzalez, in his book Psychological Warfare and the New World Order, analyzes open sources using standard intelligence methods to name the handlers for every US president since WW1. This influence is indirect. No President has always done what their handlers wanted them to do in every situation. But that doesn't negate the very real impact, nor the fact that every American presidency (Reagan included) has basically followed the same agenda. This new world order influence is the key that best explains the course of American history over the past 100 years. The conservative / liberal paradigm utterly fails to account for the overall trajectory of so called "conservative" and "liberal" administrations which have typically contradicted the campaign rhetoric. The ideological liberals were as upset with Obama as the constitutionalists were with Bush.

Not everyone that works for a global, CFR connected company like JP Morgan is a supporter of the new world order. However employment at these places provides exposure to the right people and can serve as a point of entrance. It's from there that she got connected with Secretary Rice (CFR member) and served in the Bush white house. I saw this happen from the inside while a student at the US Naval Academy. The top 10-15 students in the class were invited to join an elite study group that met Saturday morning under the tutelage of a senior professor to prepare them for a Rhodes Scholarship. This is where they were exposed to these ideas. Over the course of their sophomore and junior year their thinking was influenced. While some were more influenced than others, none of the students I personally knew was really aware of the process (including myself at the time). Those that best articulated the new world order philosophy were chosen as Rhodes Scholars. Later there are opportunities for internships at the White House, Langley, or the Pratt house where thinking is influenced further.

I consider the most significant data points in Heidi Cruz's biography to be her membership on the CFR task force on the Future of North America, her senior leadership position in Goldman Sachs, and her close connection to CFR leaders in the White House. A true constitutionalist will never be invited onto a CFR task force, even as a dissenting voice. If one ever did, they, like Admiral Chester Ward, would resign in protest. Likewise, no one will ever become a senior vice president (managing director) in a CFR connected multi-national company without being ideologically supportive of the new world order. The scrutiny of the vetting process that is done for the top positions in those companies far exceeds anything I experienced for TS SBI clearances in the DOD. The White House service in 3 departments under a very senior CFR member was the ticket that got her invited to the task force. If Secretary Rice had not deemed her suitably favorable to the new world order objectives, she would have never received the invitation to serve on the task force.

Don't think the CFR tells the state department what to do? This video has the words from the horse's mouth.

In the words of former CFR member, Admiral Ward:
“Once the ruling members of the CFR have decided that the U.S. Government should adopt a particular policy, the very substantial research facilities of CFR are put to work to develop arguments, intellectual and emotional, to support the new policy, and to confound and discredit, intellectually and politically, any opposition.” (Admiral Chester Ward, Kissinger on the Couch, p. 151. 1975)

This video ties it all together.