Sunday, September 04, 2011

Dollar Noncents Seminar: Does Anyone Know What Our Money Is?

Federal Reserve Seminar Preview:

Federal Reserve Promo 2 from Light4America on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Pastor Peter:

Hey there, Peter: David & family from Nacogdoches waving hello !

(Hope you see this comment !)

Your blog is great, what a treasure trove of great & seminal events & news items you have highlighted here.

Your writing & analysis is spot on - a very proportonate mix of theology, practical politcs & biblical worldview, and events examined thru that lens.

I've subscribed to your feed, naturally.

I also wanted to email you under separate cover a great current item that you may wish to post on your blog.

Greetings in the LORD from our entire family, to you & your family & all the families there in the church.

David, Sheri & children

Peter Allison said...

David, Thanks for the encouragement not to let too much time elapse between posts.
Please give our greetings to Sheri and your family.

We look forward to the next time down here...til then, God be with you. ...and I'll look for your email.

Peter for Alice and the family.