Friday, April 27, 2012

Some Help For FOX News

Dear Fox News,

I saw recently that you were asking where Ron Paul was. Wanting to lend a humanitarian hand to help you find this missing person, I took some time to look for him. Having found him very quickly, I thought I should pass along my missing person techniques so that, if you so desire, you could train your reporters how to locate successful presidential candidates as they speak to very large and very loud crowds.
  1. First, I googled "Ron Paul Texas" since I live in Texas and don't have a large expense account.
  2. I then inspected all the links that Google found relating to Ron Paul speaking and selected the closest one- about an hour away.
  3. I then wrote down the address, located it on an online map, got in my car, and drove to the address.
  4.  Here is where amazing things started happening. Signs started appearing on the road pointing the way to Ron Paul. When I arrived and parked the car, there were streams of people pouring into a building nearby. Although I wasn't familiar with these buildings, AMAZINGLY, nearly everyone was carrying signs with Ron Paul's name and picture on them. I guess they wanted to make sure they would remember who they were going to see and would recognize him when he showed up. From this point on it would have been hard not to find RP.  I just followed the crowd to a seat and there was Ron Paul.
Now, I never had any training in investigative journalism, but I am sure that if these techniques are studied and mastered by your investigative journalists, they won't have any more trouble in the future finding Ron Paul or other liberty minded people. I hope this helps.

Lending A. Hand

PS. Since your journalists, not being able to find Ron Paul, were probably not able to obtain a picture of this big event, please feel free to use the following picture which I took. Sorry my camera is not the best.


Peter Allison said...

University of Houston, 4000 people on Friday night according to ABC 13 report.

Anonymous said...

AND prior to that, Austin...and prior to that El Paso...

I make every effort to avoid Fox - using channel changer to select instead of 'scrolling'. And yes, there was a time I wouldn't miss them at some point in time.

"Fair and Balanced", my big toe!

Anonymous said...

Who's Ron Paul? J/K

Our 45th President of the FREE America!

Tim, "really?" said...

Maybe someone should create a game called "Where in the USA is Ron Paul?" or another one called "Where's Ron Paul?". These suggestions were from my wife; we have done enough searching for Carmen San Diego & Waldo.